When are the streets going to be fixed?

     I made a commitment to address street repairs on a regularly scheduled basis...and I admit we did not begin in June as we intended. The rain issues caused concerns for the city as well as it did for home owners!  The city workers have been addressing water and sewer issues at the city plant and Marvin Hill lift station all during June as a result of the rains.  Gary, Dennis and Kenny have spent extra hours - late evenings, early mornings and weekends on water issues.  Consistently safe drinking water and safe sewer management is the number one priority in the community. 

I am now again committing to street work - and hopefully it will happen!!  We have begun to identify and mark the worst streets for repair (Valley and Mitchell) primarliy along the curbing.  We have repaired the concrete saw, have blowers on hand and are picking up emulsion this week to fill the holes prior to filling with cold patch (which is to be delivered Monday, July 13th). Kent and Brian streets will be completely re-done as soon as the weather cooperates!  Dry weather and certain daytime and nighttime temperatures are required for a certain number of days before this work can be done.

    Two weeks ago Hillery and I met with the FEMA representatives in Richmond about getting assistance with street repairs because of possible rain damage.  FEMA will be visiting the city in the future to look at our streets, and we are required to document all work done on the streets.  The gravel the city spread throughout June was only meant to be temporary.

     Please feel free to call Hillery about any street issues, so that we can continue to list and prioritize the worst streets to be worked on.