The weather and our routine

I show approximately 8.5 inches of rain in my gage since Wednesday.  This unusual rain event has affected our routine maintenance and of are mowing schedule.  Dennis and Kenny have been answering the alarm warnings for the water system. I am sure the rain has caused concern for all of us.  We all are ready for a little dry spell.

City Mowing

Mowing of the city properties has been inconsistent in the past for two reasons.  One is that we have had only one employee responsible for water, sewer, street repair and general maintenance of the city properties.  The second is most of the city mowing equipment is aged, bought from Missouri surplus and constantly needing repairs before or after use.

Speaking of Streets

We are targeting the week of 15 June to begin street maintenance.  We will try to work one day a week (or more) if time allows, on selected streets.  At the present the selected streets are on the North side of Wood Heights.  If your street is not on the list, contact Hillery or Sondra at the City Offices (1-816-630-7900) so we can set a work schedule for your street.  The repairs will mainly be cold patching and rolling.  I know street maintenance is a constant issue in Wood Heights and we are developing a plan to be more consistent with our maintenance.

Kent and Brian Street Repair

For the residents on Kent Street and Brian Street the rumors of getting your streets repaired are no longer rumors!  The Board of Aldermen approved a contract, which I signed that evening, along with a check for the repair.  These were sent to the contractors, the Clay County Commissioners for the Clay County Roads and Streets.  They plan to begin work in late June or early July, depending on the daytime/nighttime temperatures.  The streets will be scarified, and then double-chipped and sealed.  Clay County will handle the notification to the residents as well as the safety of the project.

Animal Vaccinations @ Wood Heights City Offices

Animal Vaccinations will be given on Saturday, June 13, 2015 between the hours of 10 am and Noon.

Shots for cats will be Feline Distemper-RESP $13.00, Leukemia/Distemper-RESP $23.00 and Rabies $7.00 

Shots for dogs will be DHP+P $13.00, Rabies $7.00.



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